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Every project is unique 

 AGarvey, LLC focuses on decontamination of pathogens through a patented three-pronged approach. AGarvey, LLC strives to define its customers’ wants and needs and to deliver the best solution to the problem. Customers appreciate AGarvey, LLC’s ability to go beyond the laboratory and prepare products for the real world.

AGarvey’s current focus is on the decontamination of pathogens using a trifecta of technologies including Blue Light, UVC LED, and electrostatic field. 

Bugs Away

AGarvey’s “Bugs Away” decontamination units disinfect high use components such as hand tools, personal and shared artifact, and expands the usable lifetime of PPE. This system reduces the risks to warfighter and civilian personnel by providing surface decontamination, thus, reducing exposure to known or unknown pathogens.


The portable systems use blue light emitting diodes or ultraviolet light emitting diodes to disinfect surfaces in minutes, operate in austere environments with AC or battery power. Setup and treatment only take minutes, is activated with a push of a button and results in minor disruption to quick pace activities. 

AGarvey’s “Bugs Away” can decontaminate a range of pathogens beyond COVID-19 such as MRSA, Cdiff, SARS Family, Ebola, MERS. Blue light and UVC can be used separately or in the same system. 

The system is a sanitary way to decrease pathogen spread whether it is MRSA, Covid-19, the Flu, or the common cold. A Bugs Away system will allow operations to be maintained while protecting the health and safety of the individuals.

Garvey Blue.png

Garvey Blue

Garvey Blue is a quiet blue light room filtration system with a removable, antimicrobial reusable copper filter. 

Not only does the Garvey Blue system clean the air, the blue light will also actually destroy the pathogens that are present. 


If you are spending a significant amount of time indoors, you should be breathing clean air. 


These systems are perfect for home use, classrooms, daycares, nursing homes, and anywhere else that could benefit from clean and filtered air. 

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